Junking Finds & How You Can Turn One Man’s Junk Into Treasure

.Junking is a fantastic way to get items for free.  Though, digging through other people’s trash, aka junking, isn’t for everyone.

I happen to enjoy finding a great item I can use, while my husband absolutely loathes “dumpster diving”.  I try my best not to involve him, but a couple of times I have asked for his help, since sometimes it’s a two man job and won’t easily fit in my vehicle.

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The Beauty of Buying Ebay Jewelry Under $2

thedancingdollar.comAdvertisers continually bombard us with ads promoting expensive jewelry, especially surrounding certain holidays.  I think it can sometimes be difficult to ignore or not want these jewelry pieces.  Though, it is wise to avoid buying such extravagant jewelry in most cases.

That is what led me to look on eBay.com for some cheaper alternatives.  I honestly don’t think I could stomach an expensive piece of jewelry gift.  My husband is highly aware of this unusual reaction by this point in our marriage.  To the extent of keeping gifts simple and cheap, unless it’s practical and I’ve approved it. Continue reading