This is TDD’s recommendations page.  It’s contains companies, products, & services that I use and find valuable.  I’ve included resources I believe could be of use to you & can save you money.

Disclosure: This page contains affiliate links.  If you make a purchase using my links I may make a profit.  Thank you.

Vanguard – I’ve enjoy using this investment company so far.  I rolled over my old 401k account into a ROTH IRA a few years back and eventually transferred it to Vanguard; I haven’t looked back.  I loathe fees, so purchasing ETF shares has been amazing.  I pay zero commission fees on all my investments, since I buy ETFs: VOO, BND, & VTI.

Uber – I’ve only used Uber a few times, but each time has been a stress free experience.  My husband and I actually got our first ride almost free in NY, thanks to a coupon going on at the time.  It might have been a shorter ride, but their reasonable prices helped too.  Sign up now to claim your free gift ($5 off your first 3 rides) or use promo code “tawnyat57ue” before booking your next ride.

Airbnb – I used them for a trip to Cancun for about 1/3 the price of a hotel room for our entire stay.  The whole process was fairly simple and easy.  Plus, we got the same experience of staying at a hotel, since it was basically just that, right off the beach.  You can’t beat that!  Here’s a link to get $40 off your next booking through Airbnb.

Chatbooks – I love my chatbook photobooks.  I do recommend uploading your photos manually instead of using their automatic upload option.  It may take a bit longer, but it offers more control over which photos are printed and when the books print.  Learn my method by visiting the Freebies page ; it’s listed under the FREE PHOTO BOOK section.  They even let customers try them free before subscribing.  Use this link to get your 1st Chatbook free.

Deseret Industries Thrift Store (DI) – I love shopping here.  They always carry the best kid’s toys and house hold items.  It’s your typical thrift store, so you can find just about everything you can imagine.  They don’t offer sale days, which makes it easier to shop knowing you’re getting a deal.  This is the only place I donate my old items to as well.

Goodwill – I only recommend shopping here on Dollar Thursdays and 50% off Saturdays. I find just about anything gently used and for pennies on the dollar.

Other Mothers – I love hitting their 50 cent sale every now and then; held on Saturdays in my area.  I find great articles of clothing for my daughter and me here.

The library – I figure I already pay taxes towards my local library, so why not take advantage.  This is where I borrow tons of books and my favorite, DVDS!  I’m recently over CDS, since I just had to pay late fees on some.  Make sure you return library items on time.

Home Storage Center– I learned at a young age that it is important to have food storage in the home in case of an emergency, either natural disaster or loss of job.  I haven’t had to use mine, but I’m comforted that I have one, even if it is a very short term supply.  I tend to buy the very long term shelf life items: wheat, rice, pasta, and pinto beans, which can last up to 30 years.  You can’t beat that!

Winco – Their bulk bins section is the largest and best I’ve ever seen.  I love filling up their bags with my favorites; from baking ingredients to pasta.  My pantry is filled with food from them.

Book(s)Rich Dad Poor Dad: What The Rich Teach Their Kids About Money That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not! By: Robert Kiyosaki.

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