The Dancing Dollar is a blog that helps families and individuals, young and old, put their debt in the past and move toward financial independence.  I am here to help you avoid making financial mistakes and start living a more frugal life.

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Hi, I’m Tawnya!

I’m the founder of thedancingdollar.com and a habitual money saver.  Some people get a thrill out of spending money, while I find it thrilling to save money.  I also LOVE learning about new ways to save money and grow investments.

Growing up I was the black sheep in the family.  While my siblings were busy spending their money I was always more interested in saving mine.  To this day I am still a big believer in saving for the future.

Later in life I was able to attend college without taking out a single student loan.

The only time I ever took out a loan was to purchase my home.  It’s not my dream “tiny” house, but it works.  Luckily, my husband & I paid off our mortgage in less than 4 years.

I am blessed to be married to a hard working man whose spending habits are inline with mine.  Who has agreed to be the sole provider, so that I can stay home with our beautiful, spunky daughter.  It can be overwhelming at times, but I know it’s important work.

Nowadays I save money by doing things myself; I’m a huge DIYer.  I’m also an avid baker; more like dessertaholic.  I can also be described as a bit thrift store obsessed.  These are my top three labors of love, but there are plenty of other ways I make saving money fit my lifestyle.

Now we may save a lot, but that doesn’t mean we never splurge or have fun.  It just means that we choose to save up and spend our money on things that matter to us most.  It is our saving habits that have allowed us the financial freedom to take vacations when we want, eat out every now and then, and slowly update our home.


The world today is getting more expensive to live in.  Did you know that 80% of Americans are in debt according to CNBC.com?  Or that the average debt per consumer reached $39,216 in credit card debt  in 2016 according to experian.com?

The crazy part is that many Americans never receive a financial education at home or even in school.  No wonder, right?

Although, educating a child about money management is ultimately a parents responsibility. I still wish that a public school education included personal finances; so that more students could later become financially savvy members of society rather than consumers who live above their means.

My dream is to help others save and gain financial freedom too.  That is exactly why I created The Dancing Dollar.

It is my belief that a learning how to manage money is a necessity and it is our individual responsibility to take control of our own finances.  We have it in each of us to spend our money wisely to ensure we meet our future goals.  Sometimes all it takes is a little attention and guidance.  That’s what I am here for.

I believe their is great importance in living below your means.  If you believe the same then keep reading to learn how frugal living can benefit your life.


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