The Beauty of Buying Ebay Jewelry Under $2

thedancingdollar.comAdvertisers continually bombard us with ads promoting expensive jewelry, especially surrounding certain holidays.  I think it can sometimes be difficult to ignore or not want these jewelry pieces.  Though, it is wise to avoid buying such extravagant jewelry in most cases.

That is what led me to look on for some cheaper alternatives.  I honestly don’t think I could stomach an expensive piece of jewelry gift.  My husband is highly aware of this unusual reaction by this point in our marriage.  To the extent of keeping gifts simple and cheap, unless it’s practical and I’ve approved it.

Boring, yes, but it’s how I prefer things.  It makes it hard for my husband, I know.  At the same time I feel like we should agree, if not compromise, on how we spend our money.

I’d much rather buy what I want, rather than be sticker price shocked later when I check our credit card expense report.  Not every woman is so picky or frugal, but if you are then eBay may be your next jeweler too.

The pros of buying cheap jewelry on eBay:

  • inexpensive
  • you save more / spend less
  • just as beautiful as fine jewelry
  • not a huge deal if you misplace it
  • not a huge deal if you don’t end up loving it
  • can buy at home
  • many cheap items include free shipping

The cons of buying cheap jewelry on eBay:

  • cheaply made
  • shouldn’t be worn in shower
  • can take up to a month to arrive
  • not worth it to return or exchange
  • not always exactly as shown
  • sizes might be different than expected

If you can accept both the good and bad, then begin your own hunt for jewelry on eBay.

Start by visiting  From there type “gold filled’ into the search field.

Then click the “buy it now”.

Then proceed to change the sort field to “price + shipping : lowest price”.

From there you can change or add to “gold filled” in the search field to find what you’re looking for (rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc.).

I’ve found some great gold filled jewelry choices in my (many) searches over the past few weeks.  Over the weeks I’ve continued to buy one after another jewelry item.  It has required some patience on my part, since deliveries have averaged 2 weeks for these purchases.

1st purchase:

Though, in my opinion, these inexpensive items at $1.69 & under were worth the wait.  I ended up buying a couple jewelry pieces for myself and my daughter.  I think she will be excited about her pink star ring gift, once she opens it this Christmas.

2nd Purchase:

I couldn’t wait on the other hand and ended up wearing my black stone ring early, rather than wrapping it up for Christmas.  I use to wrap gifts from myself to myself for Christmas as a kid and wait, but it seems pointless at my age.  My husband on the other hand has the patience to wait till Christmas to open gifts he buys for Christmas.

3rd & 4th Purchase:

If you’re not a fan of buying your own gifts, then be sure to make a list for your spouse of jewelry pieces you want.  That way they can still somewhat surprise you.  I had originally planned to do this.  ?Sadly?, I ended up buying other things, white stud earrings & black stud earrings, on my own.

Buying cheap jewelry isn’t every girls dream, but it is this girls.  If you want a new piece of jewelry but you don’t want to spend a lot, then you might be in the same boat.  If so, you realize that not every item is a classic and that some jewelry pieces will go out of style eventually.

Again, why spend loads on jewelry?  Buy a cheaper alternative; a gold filled ring or something else to satisfy your want of something new.

Jewelry doesn’t require liquidating savings or going into debt.  So save your money and check to see if eBay has something to offer you.

P.S. if you’re a bit nervous about the quality of items, then make a list like I did and buy a single item each time.  That way you can wait till it arrives to see if it’s worth buying another similar item or from the same seller again.  You can even wear the item for a few weeks to verify that the jewelry is up to your standards (size, fit, wearability, etc).

Leave a comment: Have you ever bought jewelry from eBay? What was your experience like?

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