9 Educational YouTube Videos on Personal Finance for Kids

18 pin1 videos personal finance for kids

Teach them young.  You hear it all the time and this certainly is true concerning handling money.  While your children are little you should provide them with opportunities to buy and pay for items.  It’s important for them to handle money and it will help them understand how money works.

Personal finance for kids is mistakenly overlooked often times in the home, which is why educational videos on the subject are such great resources.

You never know, watching educational videos about money just might plant the seed for a healthy relationship with money.  Why not prepare them while they’re young and save them the pains of debt and money troubles later in life.  Society could sure use more money smart citizens.

Put on an educational cartoon about money if they ask to watch something on your phone, tablet, or computer. Some TV’s even have the ability to stream YouTube videos, so the options are endless.  And there are some great videos out there that teach little kids about finances.

These videos are created for a range of ages and just by surfing the web I’m sure you could find an appropriate cartoon for your child.  To save you some work you’re welcome to click through the video links on personal finance for kids below to find one that catches your child’s attention.

9 fantastic YouTube videos on personal finance for kids:
  1. The Berenstain Bears – Trouble With Money 
  2. CashVille Kidz Episode 3: Smart Buying Habits
  3. CashVille Kidz Episode 23: SMART Budgeting
  4. Elmo Learns About Saving
  5. Elmo Earns Some Money
  6. Schoolhouse Rock- Dollars and Sense
  7. Elmo Makes A Choice
  8. Schoolhouse Rock – 7.50 Once a Week
  9. SchoolHouse Rock Where The Money Goes

So the next time you need to distract the kids out on the go, pull out your phone and show them one of these short educational YouTube videos on finances made just for kids.  They entertained my kid!

 Comment below: Do you remember watching any of these older episodes on TV as a kid?  What video clips have you found to be financially educational for your kids?

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