Want to Find The Best Deals At Goodwill? Try This.

There is a right and wrong way to shop your local thrift store Goodwill.  I often shop my local Goodwill, but I still follow my own rules each and every time.  If you follow these tips you are sure to save more money on discounted prices and find something “new” you can really get excited about.

I first began shopping at Goodwill on a whim and not really with a plan.  Shortly after I noticed they had daily specials and I was determined to return only when they were having their BIG sale.

So I checked Goodwill’s calendar in my area.  I found out that the best deals to be had were on certain days, specifically ½ off Saturdays (every other week) and $1 Thursdays (once a week).

Tip #1:  Get online and search Goodwill’s calendar or events using your zip code.

They have daily specials, but honestly I won’t even shop there on most days of the week.  That is because the Goodwills in my area only offer 50% off a single color tag most days.  It’s not worth it to me to shop there for the chance to find something with that days selected color tag.  It’s too much work in my book for not enough benefit.

Especially, since it feels like each month I go back they continue to increase their prices again and again.  Many times I find price tags equivalent to new condition prices.  I don’t understand it, especially since they are getting these items for free through donations.

At the end of the day it makes more sense to avoid shopping these days and come back on a Saturday when they have their 50% off sale.

I prefer to wait for their 50% Off Sale Saturday, which happens every other week.  Like I said earlier it’s the only time I feel like I’m getting a deal.

Tip #2: wait for a sale that includes all colored tags, like 50% Off Sale Saturday.

I also will shop on Dollar Tag Day, which happens to be on Thursdays in my area.  I don’t always find deals, but I often do and that makes shopping this sale worth it.

The trick to shopping Dollar Tag Thursday is to scan the racks and aisles for items only carrying that day’s color tag.  Great deals are to be had if you stick to that single color, but don’t buy something for the sake of a deal.  Make sure you love the item.

*Read about how I found my kitchen table set, featured in this post’s pin @ Goodwill for under $13.

Tip #3: shop on Dollar Tag Day.

Last but not least I try to get to Goodwill around the time they open, so I am more likely to find something cool.  Around here that is at 9 am, but of course check the hours specific to your location.

Tip #4: shop during the morning hours or better yet when they first open.

There you have it!  If you follow these tips you increase your chances of finding a deal at the Goodwill.  Get out and save!

Comment below: Do you shop at Goodwill? What was your greatest find during one of their 50% off Sales or Dollar Days?

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