Mortgage Free : Why We Paid Off Our Home in 3.5 years

the dancing dollar mortgage freeWhy would anyone pay more than they are required for something, especially their home?

Lucky for me, I married a man who also couldn’t fathom why it was common practice to pay the minimum payment while prolonging interest accumulation.

What we did understand were all the reasons why we should pay off our home early.

He and I were both in agreement that we wanted to be mortgage free.

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Build-A-Bear’s Pay Your Age Event FAIL : When Saving Money Just Isn’t Worth Your Time

build-a-bear pay your age

Have you ever stood in a line waiting for a deal?  I’m not talking about a 15 minute wait.  I’m referring to a more excessive wait time. Think Black Friday lines.  Even better, imagine waiting in line for over an hour.  Or even multiple hours to save money.

Today was the perfect example, in my book, of when a deal isn’t worth it.

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