The Beauty of Buying Ebay Jewelry Under $2

thedancingdollar.comAdvertisers continually bombard us with ads promoting expensive jewelry, especially surrounding certain holidays.  I think it can sometimes be difficult to ignore or not want these jewelry pieces.  Though, it is wise to avoid buying such extravagant jewelry in most cases.

That is what led me to look on for some cheaper alternatives.  I honestly don’t think I could stomach an expensive piece of jewelry gift.  My husband is highly aware of this unusual reaction by this point in our marriage.  To the extent of keeping gifts simple and cheap, unless it’s practical and I’ve approved it. Continue reading

Spending Too Much On Christmas?

save money this Christmas

I love Christmas time, even if I’m not the most festive person out there.  I enjoy the season, but am not willing to go over budget just to make it memorable.  Neither should you!  You can still have a fun Christmas without giving in to all the pressures that seem to come with this money spending holiday.

First off, to truly enjoy Christmas one must get back to the basics of the holiday.  I am thankful for the opportunity to refocus on the true meaning of CHRISTmas each year.

Christmas season is a happy time of year.  It is also known for being the season of giving.  As you prepare to give to others remember to follow the following tips to save money this Christmas.

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Appreciation & How It Affects Your Money

appreciation & money thedancingdollar.comWhy Appreciation Matters

It may be difficult at times, to have an appreciation for what you have when you see “the Joneses” showing off their money.  It is however worth the effort to take the time to appreciate the things you are able to afford.

Life may seem unfair at times, but I think it’s also important to acknowledge net worth doesn’t define who a person is.

Rich or poor, a person can choose to be thankful or not, it has little to do with how much they make.  However, appreciation or lack thereof does affect your money.

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